Rich Renik

Chicago Rock and Roll Radio from 1971 through 1975

Rich Is On The Radio

  • WMAQ4:02

Afternoon Country Fun on "Your Hometown Country Station"  from 2000 to ???

  • WCCQ9:04

  • Country Flashback4:57

America's Most Listened To Country Music Radio Station from 1988 through 2000

Nationally Syndicated One-Hour Country Music Oldies Show from 1988 through 2003

And, the new "Now and Then Talk Radio"  program, with Denny Farrell.  We'll take you on a memorable journey through life.

Clark Weber (2009)

NBC's Legendary Country Music Radio Giant from 1975 through 1988

  • WJOL20:01

On-Air / On-Camera / Voice-Over Talent

  • WUSN (US99)4:51

 Will County's News, Sports and Talk

Insightful and Entertaining Interview with Radio Legend Clark Weber - 2006 

  • WDHF4:29