Rich Renik

Detective O'Keefe sets out to unravel a murder in which the DNA of a dog leads to the arrest and prosecution of the criminals.

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Here, You Can Review Some Of My Work Over The Years.

A commentary on technology of the future.

               WHDT World News Report

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The 1937 Hindenburg disaster ended the era of the giant passenger airship.  Here Rich portrays Dr. Hugo Eckener, who was the chairman of the Zeppelin Company, the company that built the Hindenburg.

As a member of the WHDT World News Team  -  "Washington Watchdog",           Co-Anchor, and Special Feature Host.

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Classic Fairy Tales And Nursery Rhymes On The You Tube Channel, "It's Story Time"

  • Commercial Demo2:13

An insecure man has his dimwitted actor friend pose as his mentally challenged brother in order to get to know a beautiful co-worker who has a mentally challenged sister. Rich portrays the step father, Chuck.


The Classic Poem By Phyllis McGinley.

A heartbreaking portrayal of a father afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease. 

         A compilation of other projects !

Voice - Over

Originally Recorded In 1986 As A 45 RPM Record, And Put To A Video 29 Years Later.

On-Air / On-Camera / Voice-Over Talent

Many years as host/ co-host of Chicago's Easter Seals Telethons.